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Liquid Damage Repair

If your MacBook has any of the following issues, we can help:

  • No backlight or internal video, but works externally.
  • USB and WiFi not working or recognized.
  • Machine runs slow after spill.
  • Surface mount component replacement & trace repair.
  • Bluetooth not working or recognized.
  • Hard Drive not working or recognized.
  • No power or no boot.

  • All boards will be ultrasonic cleaned upon arrival after the initial inspection. Our liquid damage repairs take between 5-7 business days depending on the damage. Not every board is repairable, there are some instances, for example a hole in the board or a dead SMC chip ( only Apple can produce or program those) that we can not fix. If we can't repair your board, we will offer a refund minus $15 for shipping, or the option of a discounted replacement logic board. We do our best to avoid doing so, but sometimes that's the only option.

    Please send the complete laptop. Please note that if you send just the board, we will only be able to test it with our parts so we can't be held responsible if you have any bad parts.

    We know you want your computer fixed fast, whether it is for business or for personal use, and we strive our best to meet that goal.

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